You know HOW to save so WHY CAN’T YOU?

There is always another way

If you are anything like me, SAVING money doesn’t come naturally to you?.

Like me, you may have tried every tip, trick and hack you could find, read every personal finance book and downloaded every video you could, BUT still not much saving happening.
Make no mistake, all of the above is excellent and full of wisdom but most of this tells us HOW to save. What we really need to understand first, is “WHY am I battling to save?”
BOOM – I realized it was my experiences as a child that had set me up with the wrong mindset. My belief system around money was my barrier to saving and investing.
What a breakthrough – I could now get rid of that mindset and create a new one.
It’s not easy to do but it is do-able. There’s no quick-fix but I am making damn sure that my son grows up with a savings mindset and habit.
It is going a lot slower than I hoped and I fall off the path a lot more often than I anticipated but I am definitely moving forward.
My free video training help you start your shift from “I CAN’T SAVE” to “I AM SAVING”.