What The Heck Does This Mean – SPEND & SAVE ???

Notice outside the shop

I like clothes that are loose and cumfy but not ‘old-lady’ and are reasonably priced but not junk.  I have been looking for a 3/4 sleeve, long-length, summer sweatshirt and yesterday found one in one of my favourite clothes shop.

While I was paying, the delightful young sales lady asked me if I knew about the current promotion.

“No” I said.

“Oh” she said “spend and save”.

“WOW, how does that work?” I asked.

“I don’t know but if you buy something else for about $20.00 you will save $15.00 today”

As hard as I try I just cannot get my head around that type of saving.

Surely spending is spending and saving is saving?

I understand that you save on the cost of an item when you purchase something on a sale but it is still spending, it isn’t saving.