What is a Financial To Do Today List ?

…Caffeine…To Do List…Sometimes Organised…Sometimes Chaos!

My Financial TO DO TODAY  list reminds me to carry on learning and teaching financial literacy to myself and my son.

  • It helps me consider my emotional relationship with money.
  • It guides me to gently think about my spending habits.
  • It plants small seeds about why I feel a certain way about spending or saving money.
  • It reminds me to chat to my son often about this part of our lives.
  • It nudges me to ask myself some pretty hectic questions about myself and my financial habits.
  • It makes sure that I learn the actual nuts and bolts of personal finance (there is so much to learn!).
  • It guides me to be curious and never stop reading and learning.
  • It definitely makes me more aware of that cup of wonderfully, warm, creamy, emotionally satisfying cup of take-out coffee in my hand and how much I could save over 20 years if it wasn’t in my hand.

I tend to be an all-or-nothing type of gal, so I can rush off at a tangent at the mere sniff of something new to experience or learn about.  So this Financial TO DO TODAY  list sort of keeps me on my financial literacy track.