Seek Out Financially Savvy People And Ask Questions

… the infinite circle of financial education

So often, we feel uncomfortable talking to people who we perceive to be more clever than us.   We feel afraid to ask a question or make a comment in case we sound stupid and make a fool of ourselves.  So we rather just shut-up.

I want to say ‘who cares?’ but unfortunately I am one of those people who do care.

Yes, let’s face facts, some people are a lot smarter than we are.  Some were born that way and some have had years and years of education to get that way.  One thing that most ‘smart’ people have in common though, is that they work really hard and never stop working really hard at it.

Everyone is smart, some of us just hide it really well.   Some of us make a lot of excuses.

Being motivated to increase our knowledge is half the battle won.   The more financially literate we become the more financially confident we will be and the more opportunities will open up to us.  We will talk to people who we don’t usually talk to.  We will have conversations that we don’t usually have.  We will learn what we don’t usually learn.

Actively look for people who either want to get financially educated or who are financially educated and are making good financial choices that ‘make their money work for them’.

Ask whatever questions you want.

Ask whoever you want.

Don’t stop asking.

It is your right to ask questions.  If people don’t want to answer, that’s their right.  Find someone else.

Google gives us millions of opportunities to ask questions and to find answers but there is nothing like having a chat with another person.  Having a discussion also helps us to see what we don’t know and encourages us to investigate new stuff.

Unfortunately as we start to change, people closest to us will often try and bring us down.  Remember, it is their fear and they need to deal with it.  You just keep on doing what you doing.