SOLD OUT Workshop two for Teen Girls – Your Plan to Earn Money


Next Workshop: to be confirmed

YOUR PLAN TO EARN MONEY WORKSHOP is created specifically for teenage girls who want to earn their own money NOW, and also set in motion a plan to make their earned money grow and work for them in the FUTURE.

The workshop introduces teen girls to different types of income and helps them understand how to set up multiple streams of income.

The second in a series of three, this 40 minute ‘doing’ workshop takes the girls through a simple step by step engaging, interactive experience where they will:

  • Learn about active and passive income.
  • Understand why multiple streams of income are important for their future.
  • Create their own plan for earning money NOW.
  • Start thinking about how to make their money work for them in the future.

Each participant will receive a downloadable PDF workbook reinforcing the lessons covered during the workshop.

Becoming a financially independent woman takes time and practice. The girls have the time. Let us their mothers and women in their lives, create opportunities for them to practice and make mistakes while the stakes are still low.

The workshop is based on The Millionaire Mindset Money System , a comprehensive holistic financial education framework transitioning easily with her as she grows, from jars and labels to bank accounts and investing portfolios.

When you purchase YOUR PLAN TO EARN MONEY WORKSHOP you get to choose to donate the same workshop to a friend, school, charity, or community organisation.

All you need to do is:

a) supply a name and email address and I will email the link to join directly to them,

b) supply your full name (or you can choose to remain anonymous), the email you used to purchase the product and your connection to them.

This workshop is digital via Zoom. It is for non-commercial use only and may not be distributed for free or used or sold for financial compensation. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds.

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial or investment advice. I am a financial educator and this product is education and information only. Please do your own research to determine if something is right for your situation/goals/risk tolerance. Financial and investment advice should be sought from a registered financial advisor.


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