Ebook for Teen Girls – Write Your Own Money Story


WRITE YOUR OWN MONEY STORY…Money Moves to Help You Create The Life You Want is created specifically for teenage girls who are soon out on their own making big and small financial decisions independently of their parents. As with any decision, each financial decision has an outcome, sometimes good and sometimes devastatingly bad.

WRITE YOUR OWN MONEY STORY…Money Moves to Help You Create The Life You Want shows teen girls how their mindset, budget and goal setting are key to making their dreams come true and creating a life they really want to live.

The eBook takes them through a simple step by step engaging, interactive learning experience where they can set financial goals, create a meaningful ‘living’ budget and use strategies, both mental and financial to help them start on their journey to achieving those goals and financial independence.

The fillable PDF eBook is based on The Millionaire Mindset Money System , a comprehensive holistic financial education framework transitioning easily with the growing child, from jars and labels to bank accounts and investing portfolios and includes:

  • Wealthy mindset affirmations and other mental strategies
  • How to set and track financial goals
  • Ideas to ‘earn money’
  • How to create and stick to a ‘zero-based budget’
  • How to set up and grow an ‘emergency 500-fund’
  • Mindful spending and understanding needs and wants
  • Strategies to ‘delay gratification’ to encourage saving
  • A recommended ‘reading and learning list’
  • Beautiful inspiring quotes

When you purchase WRITE YOUR OWN MONEY STORY…Money Moves to Help You Create The Life You Want you get to choose to donate the same product to a friend, school, charity, or community organisation.  All you need to do is a) supply a name and email address and I will email the product directly to them b) supply your full name (or you can choose to remain anonymous) and your connection to them.

This product is digital download. It will not be shipped. It is for non-commercial use only and may not be distributed for free or used or sold for financial compensation. Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds.

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial or investment advice. I am a financial educator and this product is education and information only.  Please do your own research to determine if something is right for your situation/goals/risk tolerance. Financial and investment advice should be sought from a registered financial advisor.