Ebook for Moms – Raising Financially Independent Adults


RAISING FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT ADULTS shows moms how The Millionaire Mindset Money System, a simple holistic financial education framework, can help them lay a solid foundation of 10 Money Habits for their children.

In his book ‘Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals’, Tom Corley found it was the mindset and habits that kept wealthy individuals on track to financial independence.

The Millionaire Mindset Money System framework consists of five parts (The 6Gs, The 10 Money Moves, The 6 Jars/6 Bank Accounts, The 7 Superpowers and The 7 Obstacles to Wealth) and helps children learn The 10 MILLIONAIRE MINDSET MONEY HABITS.

It transitions easily from jars, labels and compound interest fairies, to bank accounts, investing portfolios and compound interest in action ‘for real’.

The focus of this book is The 6Gs, The 6 Jars, The 6 Bank Accounts and The 10 Money Moves, and helps moms teach their children to:

  • THINK and ACT with an abundant wealth building mindset
  • Set and track financial goals
  • Start budgeting
  • Start the saving habit
  • Develop the investing mindset and habit
  • Use strategies to delay gratification and spend mindfully
  • Include giving as part of their budget
  • Be in the flow of abundance

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