POWER POSTURE – A Way To Help Our Children Feel BRAVE, POWERFUL and CONFIDENT From The Inside Out

If you are anything like me, you grew up hearing a lot more about the merits of POWER DRESSING than ‘POWER’ POSTURE.  And possibly have also spent a fair amount of time, effort and money looking for the perfect power pieces. And maybe, like me, you have only really felt good in those pieces when you are feeling good within yourself?

Power Posture not only helps us FEEL more confident and powerful but it helps
us LOOK more confident and powerful.

And again, if you are anything like me, you want your child to learn how to feel good from the inside out. You don’t want them looking to brands, fashion and fads to tell them what they need to wear (and spend) in order to be their unique self and feel happy and successful.

I have made a quick free video to show you my 7 (and 1 bonus cherry on the top) steps to power posture. When you sign up to receive our free fortnightly money mindset activities (link below in purple box), you will receive this video in your inbox.

(quick disclosure – I am not in any way qualified to give any medical, psychological or physiological advice or guidance to anyone. These 7 steps are the way that I practice posture and I am merely sharing as one mum to another mum)


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We all know how powerful our minds are and how our thoughts drive our behaviour, which ultimately determines our reality. 

But do we know just how powerful our bodies are and how they can also drive our behaviour and ultimately determine our reality? For heaps of inspiration and motivation WATCH AMY CUDDY’S TEDTALK.

If we looked at ourselves as a big toolbox full of power tools, posture would probably be one of the most powerful, easy to use, most cost effective, but sadly one of the least used tools.

Power dressing would probably be one of the least powerful, most difficult to use, expensive but most frequently used tools.

I’m not for one moment saying that clothes can’t help us feel gorgeous, brave, confident and powerful.  But the feeling is temporary and the cost is forever. I love clothes but when I think of the hours, effort, energy and dollars I have spent trying to find the perfect pieces, I actually want to cry.

Power posture costs nothing, lasts forever and makes us feel on top of the world.  Pair it with a growth and abundance money mindset and belief system and we are truly unstoppable.  Add a power strut and a couple of power poses and we feel invincible.  Then finally add a dash of power dressing and we are smiling.

So that’s exactly how I want my child to feel and I am sure you are no different.

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You may be thinking “oh heck, my posture is shocking!” – that’s fine, it’s never to late to learn a new skill and practice until it becomes a new habit.

Keep posture fun and light and be CONSISTENT – do it every day, a few times a day. 

After you have watched the video, PLAY THE POSTURE GAME. Put on some fun, loud music, and dance around with your kids. After a few moments, stop the music and shout ‘POWER POSTURE!’ followed by these power-posture cues:

  1. Squeeze shoulder blades together
  2. Suck in your belly
  3. Lift up your rib-cage
  4. Tilt your pelvis forward
  5. Relax your knees
  6. Lift your chin
  7. Smile
  8. Power Strut
  9. Remind them to breathe easy, turn the music back on and enjoy a few more rounds of ‘Power-posture play’.

Ask the children how the power-posture play game impacted their mood and feelings. How could they use these findings in the future?

FIND AS MANY OPPORTUNITIES AS POSSIBLE TO PRACTICE POSTURE. I set myself cues so that I practice my posture (or parts of my posture) at least 20x a day. The more I practice the more it will become my default. The more it becomes my default, the more opportunities I will create to teach my child.

Some of my cues are…set an alarm for every 30 minutes when I am at my desk (jump up, stretch and practice at least 3 postures), walking from my house to my car and from my car to my office (practice full posture – including the smile and strut walk), on the toilet (great time to practice shoulders), in the car/bus/train/ferry (fire up those butt and tummy muscles and do pelvic tilts), waiting for my coffee (practice whole posture including the smile, which for me is automatic because I get so excited for my coffee), be so aware of your posture when sitting (whether it be on the couch, at a desk or in the car).

My cue system works so well for me. Use some of my cues or choose your own. I think the most important thing is just be CONSISTENT. Just do it even when you feel you would rather just let it all hang out.

Posture is like a financial education – the gift that just keeps on giving.