Our Children Are Watching Us – Let’s Make It Worth Their While

Mums and business owners Michele Courage and Laurel Makowem chat about how important it is to show our children good money management skills.

“Do as I say, not as I do” is sometimes the teaching tool of necessity when it comes to financial capability. The reality is that our children will do what they see us doing. If I tell my son to save and he sees me spending carelessly, what will become his default behavior?

Most of us learnt our money management skills from watching our parents. It will be no different for our children.

It is not only about the doing, it is also about the feelings they will pick up from us as we deal with an out-of-control credit card or rush out yet again to buy something because someone peed us off or we feel a bit sad.

As my friend, business owner and artist, Michele says “it doesn’t matter what I tell my 12 year old daughter to do – save this, do that – she is watching me!”

So let’s be aware of our own money habits and change them if we need to.

Michele Courage is a Wellington based artist. Follow her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/michele.courage or have a nosey through her fabulous website http://www.michelecourage.com/