Me Time should be number 1 on the to do list


This is a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ part of my life.

We hear it a million times ‘TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST’.

This is especially true for mothers.  We tend to give a lot and just carry on regardless.

Me Time is different for everyone but it is that thing that gives you the feeling of a deep sigh.  It is a small breather and just lets you gather your bits and bobs together before you rush off to the next thing.

I do wonder though, if our busyness (it is a word, I have just googled it) is maybe a mechanism to hide something from ourselves?

Oh boy, does this wondering mean that I need to do some more soul-searching?

So, Me Time will be about doing stuff that I love doing and that I should do more of.  I am sure you can relate to that.