How To Teach This Mum About Pocket Money – 8 Questions (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of our Series on Pocket Money.

Below the video you will find the 8 Questions we talk about in the video.

Have a little money date with yourself as you go through these questions and I hope you discover and learn as much as I have.

As mentioned in the video, we will go through each of these questions in separate videos over the next few weeks or so.



  1. Why am I so clueless when it comes to giving my son pocket money or an allowance?
  2. What do I want to teach my son about money and finance?
  3. What does pocket money or an allowance actually teach my son about saving and spending and giving?  What are the actual lessons that I am trying to teach him?
  4. How can I teach my son about creating wealth?
  5. How can I teach my son that there are other options to earn money besides exchanging his hours for cash?  (Passive Income)
  6. How was I taught about money as a child?
  7. What did this teach me about money?
  8. Will I teach my son the same way or is there a better way to teach him?