Food is More Important Than Finance – No Way??

I know, can you believe it?

Some research I found the other day showed food as the ‘most interesting topic’ (by miles, at nr 1) and finance as the ‘least most interesting topic’ (by miles, at nr 35) among women on social media.

That’s OK though, because as more and more of us experience how empowering and inspiring and fun it is to take control of our financial lives and pass this control and knowledge onto our children, the quicker the gap will close.

Imagine how much more food we could make, eat and photograph if we were financially free with no monetary constraints whatsoever.

Join our Facebook group : and be part of the worldwide movement where mums teach their kids wealth creation and essential money management skills.  Some of us are starting from scratch, some of us are already on our way, but we all have the same goal – we want our children to be happy and successful adults.

Remember that everything is possible if you want it and if you are prepared to work for it.

Teaching our children how not to get into debt could be one of the most important skills necessary for their future happiness and success.

So, if you havn’t watched the first 4 videos in our series on ’30 QUESTIONS OUR FINANCIALLY CAPABLE CHILDREN WILL BE ABLE TO ASK WHEN CONSIDERING A PERSONAL LOAN’ watch them now under ‘MONEY LESSONS FOR MOM’ or on YouTube :  

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your children and enjoy taking control of your financial life.  The rewards are huge eventhough they may take time, effort and a lot of patience. x