Financial Freedom Is Not About Giving Up Stuff

IT IS ABOUT A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN GIVING UP that daily creamy steamy cup of coffee, or that sweet cold-in-your-mouth can of fizzy something to kick-start your day, or those deliciously gooey sweet doughnuts, or that favorite gossip magazine.


Being mindful of our spending.

Realising how those teeny tiny amounts of cash can add up and become a significant amount of money over time (with the help of the magic of compounding interest).

An attitude of flourishing and creating, not about depriving and missing out.

Looking at long term gains and not short term losses.

Being comfortable and happy and not about being sad
and in financial chaos and crises.

Being in control of or controlled by materialism and money.

Saving before we spend.

Our children’s future.

Watch DollarDan’s video below and see how we used my coffee habit to work out how much money we could actually be saving if I was just a bit more mindful of my spending habits. Over 20 years it is a sizeable chunk.

Then plug some of your own numbers into one or two of these on-line calculators and see how much you could save over time with compound interest doing it’s magic. (There are loads of calculators on the web)