Financial Freedom, The Gift Of A Lifetime

Financial Freedom Gives Us More Choices

Meditation, visualisation and positive thoughts will certainly steer us in the right direction but we just won’t get there without putting in the hard slog.

Giving my son a financial education has meant that I have had to up my game more than a hundred.  I have always known the basics and luckily have been a saver rather than a spender but not much more than that.

A few years back, the mere mention of words like interest rates, inflation, Mutual Funds, ETF’s and asset classes would have been met with instant mental dismissal and shut-down.

Now three years later, ask me those same questions.  Don’t expect the answers of a certified financial planner but get the answers, questions and discussion of a financially aware adult.

A mindset around saving, creating and generosity is what I am trying to develop and nurture in my son.

With this incredibly powerful financial mindset guiding his actions and behaviours, I believe he will have loads more opportunities to be successful as an adult.