Mother and Son

Mothers Teaching Money is about helping mums raise financially savvy children with a growth and abundance money mindset .

Mums, the 9th wonders of the world (compound interest is the 8th, according to Einstein) are meant to be all-knowing and fully equipped to teach our children everything they need, to be happy, competent adults.

Not only are we responsible for their IQ, EQ, SQ, PQ CQ and AQ but also their FQ (financial quotient) because it isn’t as a rule taught in schools. This life skill that every adult uses every single day of their lives IS NOT TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS! Can you believe that?

(I googled the Q’s – they all exist)

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? And there isn’t a manual.

And to top it, many of us never received any sort of formal financial education. We internalised our parent’s mindsets, belief systems and habits around money. This has led to a widespread belief that finances are complicated and reserved for those who have studied it or are born to wealthy parents.

This can leave us feeling anxious and concerned around our finances.

Up until a few years ago, I was no different.

As a child, I grew up with all financial matters being handled by the ‘dad’ figures, and in private. As a result I grew up financially clueless (thank goodness I am a saver by nature and I married a man in finance) and developed a very limiting and unhealthy set of beliefs and mindset around money. I believed that finances were not for women and that I was incapable of handling my own money. And that’s exactly what I did.

Things changed dramatically when my son was about eight. I wanted him to get a thorough financial education and I wanted to be in charge of it.

Problem – I was incapable of giving it to him. My only option was to give myself a financial education and years of intensive self-study began.

Honestly the best investment I have made in myself, my family and my son.

My absolute passion is to help mums believe in themselves and feel empowered and capable as they develop new mindsets and belief systems, change their financial habits and futures and show their children how to do it.


Last Updated June 2018

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