3 Simple Steps To Create A Family Financial Statement (Manifesto).

An example of a Family Financial Statement

If you want to raise financially savvy kids with a healthy respect for money, then talking about it consistently and in a non-emotional, normal way is key. 

However, for many of us parents, those financial conversations don’t come as naturally or as easily as we would hope. 

Enter the FAMILY FINANCIAL STATEMENT – a manifesto communicating your family’s beliefs and core values about money

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Creating a family financial statement is not only an opportunity to talk about money, but also to lay a strong financial foundation which each family member can align with and grow from.

This activity isn’t about laying down the law and forcing your own ideas onto your children, but rather about listening, sharing, respect and discussion.

It is also a chance for us to notice our own financial beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you create a powerful and meaningful FAMILY FINANCIAL STATEMENT

Step 1 – CHAT

Arrange a SHORT family meeting and use the statements in the downloadable activity to brainstorm your family’s financial goals, dreams and intentions for the year.

Ask questions like : What does it mean to spend less than we earn?  How does our family respect money?  How do/can we help others?  What is your best memory from last year?  What is one item we bought last year that we shouldn’t have bought?  How can we be kind to each other?  What can we do to help each other in the house?  What are we going to do differently this year so we don’t waste money?  What is one thing we can do to help our planet?  What charity should our family support this year? How are we going to save money?

Encourage your children to ask their own questions (questions are more important than answers). Listen carefully and role model respectful listening.

Write down everyone’s answers.

As a unit, discuss and decide which answers are most important for your family.

If you don’t currently have a working, living, breathing budget, let everyone know that you will be implementing one. Perhaps introduce it to the family at the next family meeting.


Colour in and cut out the images in the downloadable activity or find your own. Use the statements and/or create your own.

Use the A4 downloadable as your poster base.

Insert your family name above the broken line and get creating.


Plan to use your family’s financial statement at least once a month to talk about your financial dreams, goals and intentions and track how you are all doing.

As new insights and learnings happen in your family, change it, do a new one, use it as a working document – JUST KEEP IT ALIVE AND CONSISTENT.

And remember financially literate children are not born, they are raised…and you are busy raising one.